Who We Are

The tagline of our firm is “Supporting Families to Be Happy and Whole,”  but the reality is that it is much more than a tagline.  It is actually a purposeful life standard.   Everything we do professionally and personally is done with that outcome in mind.  As a result, Davis Family Legal Group LLP is dedicated to helping individuals navigate the legal dynamics of family relationships.  We understand what’s important:

We help you make decisions and design plans to address issues such as your values, your hopes for the future and that of the people you love, and other intangible matters. We understand that your financial wealth is only part of what you wish to pass on to your children and other loved ones. We believe that spiritual values, moral values and other tangible matters are also an essential part of what you want to pass to your children and loved ones. 

 You will never be considered “on the clock” when you call with a question. We bill on a flat-fee basis, with the fee agreed upon in advance, so you will never get a “surprise” bill from our office in the mail. 

We invite you to schedule a consultation and set up a meeting to get to know one another. We welcome the opportunity to serve as your lawyers for life.