Marriage Matters

Divorce, by its very nature, often can be an adversarial process. However, many couples who have chosen to terminate their marriage understand that there are many advantages to ending their relationship on good terms. When two parties amicably agree to separate, you, and your spouse work together, in order to consider your family’s best interests and are able to agree on all of the main issues that need to be resolved. These decisions primarily include: 

 Divorce does not have to be an all-out war. Choosing to have an amicable divorce is ideal due to the fact that both parties are able to cooperate from the beginning. This process involves both parties signing a collaborative law agreement and committing to a number of meetings with their spouse and attorneys, who they will work together with to achieve mutually beneficial terms. These terms address all aspects of the divorce. Collaborative Law is an effective process because it removes the threat of litigation from the equation and allows couples to work together to achieve the best possible outcome. Once the process begins, an agreement is signed, declaring that neither part can pursue litigation, which helps separating couples take each other’s needs and goals into consideration.

Throughout the process, both parties can directly address any outstanding issues with the help of their attorneys, which will save time and allow for more privacy than the average public proceeding of a courtroom setting. Collaborative Law also affords considerably more control over the outcome to each spouse, allowing them to seek customized solutions to any disagreements, all while keeping the overall cost much less expensive than the traditional divorce, which requires more steps and litigation.

When a collaborative process is successfully applied to a divorce, couples are able to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, which are customized to their unique circumstances, rather than relying on a judge to rule in favor of one spouse or the other based on the limited information they are given about the couple’s life. After terms are agreed upon, the attorneys will prepare the proper documents and have them submitted to the court for finalization.

 Here at Davis Family Legal Group LLP, we understand that every couple and situation is unique. 

We will only handle amicable divorces where the couples do not have any children.  If there are issues such as child custody, visitation rights or child support, we will refer that case to an independent mediator.